A market leader for wealth management software solutions


Leading wealth management software platform

  • 2023 Year of Investment
  • B2B Software Sector
  • Growth Capital Transaction Type
  • 90+ Number of Employees
  • Active Status

FINAplus is a leading wealth management software business for asset managers, banks, family offices and foundations

FINAplus is a wealth management software platform comprising the two companies PSplus and FinaSoft. PSplus offers a comprehensive portfolio management system while FinaSoft provides a modern full-service wealth management SaaS platform facilitating the interaction between advisors and customers. In addition, both companies provide consulting and support services.

With over 90 employees, the Group is a leading player in the wealth management software market and serves a broad customer base of small and medium-sized asset managers, banks, family offices and foundations. Over the last few years, FINAplus has shown significant double-digit recurring revenue growth.


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